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Conducting and teaching music for the last three decades, Dewin Tibbs has worked singularly as a choir director, conductor, voice teacher and pianist. Since beginning college, Dewin, possessed a full understanding that his career would be a life of making music. By God’s good grace, and through help from giants in the musical world, Dewin Tibbs has evolved as a celebrated musician, director, choirmaster, and voice instructor.

Dewin holds BM and MM degrees in Vocal Performance. As a winner of several singing competitions in the region and as a performer who has sung and conducted all genre’s of standard repertoire for many years, Dewin draws on his years of experience as he passionately imparts impeccable interpretive skills to his students. He provides this along with a solid vocal technique that will never fail them.

Based on human speech patterns and acoustical and aero-dynamic physics, Dewin’s private vocal lessons are an in-depth journey into the full development of ones human vocal potential. No matter where you are vocally, you will improve dramatically and quickly by normal standards. Dewin’s methods are sought out by many singers and non-singers who’s approach to singing or speech has left their voices un-usable; needing recuperative therapy and development. This is of great value to a person who loves to sing, or at least, desires to use their voice in a less handicapped manner.

As a voice instructor and vocal coach, Dewin extends expert awareness of the vocal anatomy; the voices functions and behaviors; acoustics, and expert language skills in five languages. With 30 years of experience, Dewin derives great satisfaction and joy in his work as a musician. Many singers, after working with some of the nations most reputable teachers, have concluded that Dewin Tibbs is the very best voice teacher they ever have known.